Esy is for Essay

A few years ago, I had an idea that It might be really cool if there was a journaling style application that could assess individual writing habits over time and potentially present me with rich insights into my personality, mental framework, and writing style. It would be dynamic and gradually grow to understand ME, in a way that felt personal. For that to happen, I would need to feed it real data about my inner thoughts, it would include private topics that ranged from my daily living to broader, more in-depth public conversations around a range of topics (e.g, social, health, politics, business, and technology).

It would be the ultimate combination of software and analytics enabling complete introspection, and providing me an unbiased, x-ray vision of my own mental model of the world. Once the algorithms extracted and processed these patterns from my writing style, they could be used to make inferences and even compose new works. Esy is purposed to be a digital journaling platform that offers users a suite of analytical tools for writing AI-assisted essays and discovering powerful insights about their personal writing habits. It will include gamification and scheduling features that motivate users to prioritize their writing and to do so frequently. The latest advancements in AI technology specifically with regard to Natural Language Processing (NLP) as demonstrated by the success of GPT-3 by Open AI present new opportunities for applications like Esy, to provide unprecedented personal value to users.

Ultimately, this application is an unorthodox experiment that will be 'built-in public' and blogged about in real time. My personal views will lay the foundation for the initial look and feel of the application before warming up to user feedback and contributions. I'm looking forward to this creative process and welcome you all to join me in this exciting venture.