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I begin this entry with a question: Is Niger, a colony of France?

Now, the astute amongst you might chastise me for my lack of historical knowledge, as it should be clear to any geopolitical analyst studying #Africa to be aware of the fact that Niger, recorded its independence from France on August 3, 1960.

Therefore, technically based on the history books and the United Nations, Niger is a sovereign and 'free' nation.

But, and there is always one obvious but..

France continues to defy the existing Nigerien leaders when it tells France in the most explicit way, to simply get out of it's country. That's the story reported this past Monday, where multiple news networks have indicated France refuses to call back it's Ambassador to Niger and to demobilize it's 1500 member military force stationed in the country.

The Nigerien military told France on Monday to summon it's

After the most recent events in Niger, the question appears to be a legitmate one.

Sixty-three years after Niger recorded it's historical indepedence from former colonial master France, relations between the two nations have failed to improve, the economic conditions of the people remain dire, and France continues to exploit Niger's resources absent any meaningful protest from its Western allies in the EU and North America.

The coup staged on July 26th, to unseat President Mahomad Bazoum has been widely supported by the Nigerien people as reported by multiple networks in the U.S, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Yet, still against the will of

The fact that Niger has a historical indepdence date


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