Is Niger, a French colony?

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I begin this entry with a simple question: Is Niger, a colony of France?

Now, the astute amongst you might chastise me for my lack of historical knowledge, as it should be clear to any geopolitical analyst studying #Africa to be aware of the fact that Niger, recorded its independence from France on August 3, 1960.

Therefore, technically based on the history books and the United Nations, Niger is a sovereign and 'free' nation.

But, and there is always one obvious but..

France continues to defy the military juntas demands to exit the country. That's the story reported this past Monday, where multiple news networks has indicated that France refuses to call back it's Ambassador and to demobilize it's 1500 member military force stationed in Niger on the grounds that it does not recognize the juntas authority.

How do common Nigeriens feel about France violating their national sovereignity and borders?

The coup staged on July 26th, to unseat President Mohamed Bazoum has been widely supported by the Nigerien people as reported by multiple networks in the U.S, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. News footage taken from Niger has captured interviews with common people demanding that France leave, a growing sentiment within the entire West African region and others signing up to volunteerily assist the military. A 25,000 person sports stadium has been filled in previous weeks to showcase citizen support for the junta.

Historical Context

Sixty-three years after Niger recorded it's historical indepedence from former colonial master France, relations between the two nations have only grown more bitter. The economic conditions of the people remain dire, and France continues to exploit Niger's resources absent any meaningful protest from its Western allies in the EU and North America.

Critical Reading Questions (CRQ)

  1. What is the difference between colonialism and neo-colonialism?
  2. If a military junta takes control of a nation, should the nations partners respect the juntas authority?
  3. Should France intervene militarily to assist with the restoration of Mohamed Bazoum as President? Why?


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